What is e-Energy? (Digital Transformation and IoT for Energy, Artificial Intelligence, and Big Data)

In today’s world, the main structure of everything boils down to energy. As a matter of fact, our past, present, and future all rely on this notion.

In today’s world, the main structure of everything boils down to energy. As a matter of fact, our past, present, and future all rely on this notion. There have been different sources from which we have managed to harness this priceless resource in order to further develop our civilization. However, as times have changed and some mistakes have been made on the road, such as the use of fossil fuels, a retaliation from nature came into place. 

Our world is getting hotter and hotter every day simply because we have failed to care about the kind of energy sources we are using. But fortunately some steps have been taken in terms of promoting the use of renewable energies or even better, sustainable energies in recent years as a result of environmental concerns. Thankfully, these steps have significant positive outcomes on the harm we have previously made on the environment.

As the source of energy changes, us humans change too. But the main reason there is a major shift in the world remains humans themselves. As we have transcended from burning coal to setting up windmills, we have also jumped to the “e” side of energy in the digital age. Yes, e-Energy is now the prospect of our future. We have all become familiar with the “e”prefix in certain technologies by now. It is indeed everywhere today: e-mail, e-health, e-sports…The list goes on and on. Yet, the question still arises: what is e-Energy

At its core, e-energy is what creates an interweb of energy which combines the potential of different yet harmless sources of energy and makes them work in sync. Think of using smart grids to harness solar energy and turning it into the potential energy which will be used in our homes and in a wide variety of industries. 

Wouldn’t it be nice to practice the way machines have created energy farms in the film “Matrix” (minus the human batteries, of course), and give zero harm to the environment which is the home to land, aquatic and aero habitats of all living beings? Yes, this analogy has turned a dystopia into a utopia, just like e-Energy will turn our Earth into a paradise!

By eliminating the margin of error in analogue technologies from which we take the toll of losing potential energy and efficiency in general, e-Energy takes us a step further away from the outmoded ways. Big Data, which is a popular topic today, can be easily utilized in the deployment of e-Energy systems with the help of artificial intelligence that can regulate and enhance the performance of these systems. 

Facilitating the means of energy through the help of today’s e-tech, is concrete evidence of humankind’s intangible evolution. The physical analog becomes “e”, namely, electronic. This is the guarantee that is given for the advantages of e-Energy mentioned earlier. 

Speaking about big data or artificial intelligence in the energy sector would be considered lunacy just twenty years ago. However, today, the norm has become what would be considered as utopian not so long ago. This digitized way of energy that will surely be the main funnel of light for the future means that we get to keep the Earth to ourselves and not sacrifice it away for old-fashioned and harmful ways of energy harnessing.

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