What is e-Health? (What is HIMS?)

The improvements on the world wide web, also known as the internet, have benefited our daily lives in almost every aspect.

The improvements on the world wide web, also known as the internet, have benefited our daily lives in almost every aspect. Whether you would like to order food, demand services such as grocery shopping to be delivered to your doorsteps, or just entertainment of any kind, the internet has your back. When it comes to serious issues, especially health, there have also been recent improvements that can be summed up under the title of “e-Health”. So, “what is e-Health?”, you may ask. It is what makes the areas of medicine and apothecary much more versatile and practical. Through the many options for tracking the vital data of patients which are being kept a watch on from distance or just personal info given to the patient himself/herself.

e-Health is a term that consists of many different types of facilitations for the health of both individuals and the masses. Whether you would like to set up a date for an examination at your doctor’s office or track the designated usage dates of your medicine, e-Health is the right choice for you. Technological tools such as computers, tablets, smartphones, smart watches, and their variants which can connect to the internet will put you into the online area of the health system that is helping the “offline”, the traditional healthcare approach.

The easy-to-use and beneficial area of e-Health technologies can be found in many different forms. There are no limitations for the users in terms of accessing e-Health as the ways you can reach e-Health are countless. From email to mobile call and message services alongside apps that connect you to health systems, patients can make use of these easy and practical means.

Speaking of e-Health, the health information and management system (HIMS) should also be mentioned. The aforementioned facilitation of the medicine area shows its benefits under this system. Well, what is HIMS then? HIMS is a system that can be used by a doctor to manage and transmit the data of their patients, and view not only the numerical and written data but also the visual data such as the MR results, x-ray images, and so on. As everything is transferred to the online, digital system, there will be no more need for the papers and other data which are stored physically and sometimes stymie the process of examining and treating the patient.

Generally put into use by states and/or private companies, these digital ways of facilitating healthcare systems all over the world work wonders. Further down the road, many other developments will undoubtedly be awaiting us and making it even easier for anyone to reach and benefit from what e-Health and HIMS have to offer to them. Think of a system that can read what vitamin or other essential constituents your body needs at that moment. Wouldn’t it be a nice addition to the systems that measure your blood pressure and take your pulse? It would be even better if it sent your data right away to your doctor and through their approval, send you the prescription to save time.

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